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Drug & Alcohol Policy Review

Develop or renew in-house policies with our PhD-qualified toxicologists.

Why have a drug & alcohol policy?

A drug and alcohol policy lays the very basis for a company’s safety program. It communicates all expectations to employees, including your individual tolerance on substance abuse.

It can protect your business from potentially dangerous or impactful behaviour, fatalities, and both ethical and legal implications.

As there are many critical factors to consider when developing a drug and alcohol policy, our experienced, in-house toxicologists provide reviewing services, as well as assistance in the development of your policy. You can trust in our practical knowledge and first-hand experience in the field to ensure you’re compliant with relevant standards in a fair and transparent way.

Develop a new policy

If you’re a new business, or have an existing policy in need of revamping, AusHealth is here to help.

Our Policy Development service includes:

  • Assessing what kind of testing your organisation needs (i.e. oral fluid, urine or hair testing)
  • Establishing a testing program and schedule (i.e. random selection, targeted or post-incident testing, return-to-work testing, etc.)
  • Education and training tailored for your workplace (for employees and supervisors)
  • The development of rehabilitation and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) procedures
  • Evaluating and responding to potential issues with worker representatives within your workplace, while balancing the best interests of employees
  • Expertise in the confidentiality and legal requirements of drug and alcohol testing.

Our team can also assist in the smooth transitioning of your previous policy to your revised drug and alcohol arrangement.

Review your existing policy

As laws change and businesses evolve, it can be worth reviewing your drug and alcohol policy before an incident occurs. Our in-house toxicologists can expertly review your policy for accuracy and efficiency, so you’re prepared if an incident should occur.

Our Policy Assessment service includes:

  • Assessing effectiveness and applicabilities of existing documents to current testing standards
  • Assessment of existing documents to meet your organisation’s specific requirements or needs
  • Education on developing safety leaders within your organisation

You may also choose to undergo routine examination of your drug and alcohol policy to ensure compliancy with testing standards and legal requirements. We offer bi-annual, annual or customised reviews.

Why use our toxicologists?

No matter your industry, you can rest assured you’re consulting with the best with AusHealth’s in-house toxicologists.

Our toxicologists maintain professional memberships of societies and organisations, including the Forensic and Clinical Toxicologist Association (FACTA), Society of Hair Testing (SoHT), and The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT) — ensuring current awareness of trends in drug and alcohol testing.

Our toxicologists are experienced in private and public sector organisations, and specialise in managing employee exposure to substances.

AusHealth’s toxicology team offers ongoing technical advice and laboratory report interpretation, ensuring you always have quality testing information to support your business.

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