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On-Site Employee Vaccinations

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About our Vaccination Program 2024

AusHealth Work is an industry leader among corporate flu vaccine providers in Australia, known for offering high-quality nationwide employee flu vaccinations. AusHealth Work takes pride in our solid customer base of Australian businesses who have recognised our corporate flu vaccine programs to be the best.

AusHealth can create flu clinics for companies wanting 10 or more people vaccinated. All of our nurses are employed directly by AusHealth Work, trained in the latest vaccination requirements. AusHealth trains each nurse to the clients standard operating procedures, its site induction training requirements and certifications, up-to-date vaccination processes specific to the vaccine releases.


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On-site flu clinics

AusHealth Work facilitates clinic setup, including:
  • Clinics set up within the online booking system, generating QR codes and links for promotional material, facilitating an easy booking experience for employees. In addition to the booking, we provide access to vaccination information and FAQs, enhancing user experience.
  • Uploading of employee’s records into the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).
  • Detailed reporting of attendees
  • Marketing materials including flyers, posters, email and intranet banners
  • Online/phone/email inquiries
  • Free lollipops

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Patient Record Management and Privacy

Patient records by our nurses are managed by the VAXAPP system, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. AusHealth Work maintains comprehensive policies to safeguard consumer personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (SA).

Eligibility Engine

Integration with the Australian Immunisation Register enables real-time eligibility verification, ensuring compliance with vaccination criteria.

Digital Informed Consent

Prior to appointments, individuals receive digital informed consent forms and pre-immunization checklists, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency during nurse consultations.

AIR Integration

Seamless integration with the Australian Immunisation Register allows nurses to access and update individuals’ vaccination records promptly, ensuring accurate documentation and compliance.

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Immunisation Process

AusHealth Work nurses adhere to rigorous protocols for managing adverse events, including anaphylaxis, following immunisations.

  • Standard operating procedures including information forms, nurse kits for anaphylaxis treatment, and recognition protocols.
  • Cold Storage – The National Vaccine Storage Guidelines (Strive for 5) are strictly followed to ensure proper cold storage practices. All refrigeration and storage is subject to live temperature monitoring and auditing under ISO9001.
  • Waste disposal protocols adhere to regulatory standards, encompassing sharps disposal, clinical waste management, and environmental regulations.

Flu vouchers

AusHealth Work collaborates with local pharmacies to offer redemption options. Voucher distribution is managed seamlessly through the digital platform and a monthly report on redemptions.

These vouchers are best for:

  • Small businesses or individuals
  • Remote or regional locations
  • Covering those employees who are unavailable or missed the on-site clinic

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Voucher Terms and conditions:

  • All vouchers issued by AusHealth Work are non-refundable once the unique code has been issued.
  • Vouchers not redeemed cannot be refunded, this includes any issued irrespective of Government funded programs.

Our capacity to deliver

We are currently a member of the Vaccination Administration Partners Program and also the Commonwealth Panel for Immunisation for Services Australia (Deed D426036528).

You can rest assured knowing that AusHealth is an ISO 9001 endorsed company and the preferred vaccination service supplier to large hospital networks nationally. We have provided vaccinations for over 3 million people in the last 3 years.

Live in Queensland? It's free!*

All Queensland residents over the age of 6 months can access the influenza vaccine for free in 2024.

Funded by the Queensland government, the 2024 Free Influenza Vaccination Program has now commenced. The Program will conclude on 30 September 2024.

The 2024 Free Flu Vaccination Program (the Program) will be available to Queensland residents only, including those without a Medicare card.

What does this mean for your business?

This initiative will enable Queensland businesses to have onsite flu vaccination clinics for their staff at minimal-to-no cost. The cost of the vaccines is covered by the Queensland Government.

What do we charge?

*We charge a small clinic management fee for our time in setting up the clinic with you, but that fee may be waived depending on the number of vaccinations to be delivered. Our online booking tool will automatically calculate a rate for Queensland based companies.

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What do our services include?

Our services include:

  • Online booking – The system offers a range of features for efficient clinic management, including eligibility checks, digital consent, automated updates, communications, voucher management, and walk-in appointments.
  • Reporting – Workplace managers receive detailed reports for monitoring and retrospective analysis.
  • Scheduling of Clinics – AusHealth organises clinics based on preferences for times and locations, accommodating single or multi-site, multi-day clinics.
  • Automated Communications – VaxApp automates booking confirmations, reminders, checklists, and summaries, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing engagement

Our licenses & accreditations

AusHealth Work is a licensed vaccine service provider in all States and Territories in Australia. Our systems and processes are independently audited and certified to the highest quality and safety standards, assuring our clients of the very best service.

AusHealth 2024 Vaccination Request Form Quote Enquiry and Payment Form

Complete the details below to request your 2024 Vaccination Clinic quotation. Once confirmed and payment is made, our nurses will be in touch with all the details you need.

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