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Company Policies

Privacy Policy

AusHealth Hospital Research Fund (“AusHealth”) ABN 85 657 333 858 is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (‘Privacy Act’).

AusHealth has adopted all principles set forth in the Australian Privacy Principles that govern the collection, use, disclosure, quality, security, access and correction of personal information. ‘Personal information’ means any information or an opinion about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information is true or not and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information that AusHealth may collect, use and disclose, whether that information is manually or digitally processed.

Personal Information

AusHealth collects personal information when we provide our services to you, our clients and customers of our clients, employees of our clients, business contacts and contractors. AusHealth usually collects personal information such as your name, address, telephone numbers, email, citizenship information, financial information, credit information and, in some instances, your date of birth. Generally, AusHealth will tell you why we are collecting information, when we collect it and how we plan to use it or this will be obvious at the time of collection.

AusHealth usually collects personal information directly from you although sometimes we may use agents or service providers to do this for us. AusHealth may also acquire lists from other sources, both from other companies and from public documents.

Sensitive Information

We may also collect sensitive information about an individual, which includes healthcare information, medical records and drug test information. We will not collect sensitive information about an individual unless the individual consents to the collection of the information and the information is reasonably necessary for one or more of our functions or activities, or as permitted or required under law.

We will not use sensitive information collected from an individual for the purpose of any direct marketing unless you have consented to the use or disclosure of the sensitive information for that purpose.

Use of Information

AusHealth uses personal information collected from you to provide our services to you, to fulfill administrative functions associated with these services, for example billing, to enter contracts with you or third parties and for direct marketing and client relationship purposes (subject to your consent).

We will not use or disclose personal information for a purpose other than:

  • As set out in our Privacy Policy;
  • A purpose you would reasonably expect;
  • A purpose required or authorised by law; and / or
  • A purpose for which we have otherwise sought your consent.

When you are online, AusHealth collects information regarding the pages within our network which you visit and what you click on.

Disclosure of Personal Information

AusHealth does not disclose personal information that it holds about clients or recipients to third parties without their consent, unless permitted under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or otherwise required by law. AusHealth respects the privacy of users visiting our website and does not share any personally identifiable information with any third parties.

Use of Aggregate Data

AusHealth may collect certain non-personal information to optimise our goods and services including our web pages for your computer (e.g. the identity of your internet browser, the type of operating system you use, your IP address and the domain name of your internet service provider). AusHealth may use such non-personal information for internal purposes, including but not limited to improving the content of our sites.

AusHealth may use personally identifiable information in aggregate form to improve our goods and services including our web sites and make them more responsive to the needs of our customers.

Data Integrity

AusHealth only uses personal information necessary to perform the services requested. Occasionally, clients provide more personal information than is necessary for that purpose (for example, providing us with a name, street address and email address, when only the name and email address are necessary). In such cases, AusHealth identifies and utilises the required data. The rest of the data remains secure and unused until it is destroyed or returned to the client, upon request. AusHealth only stores personal information when specifically requested to do so by the client, or as part of standard back-up/archiving process. All archived files are stored in a secure facility.

Data Security

AusHealth utilises reasonable and appropriate protections to ensure that personal information in its care is not misused, interfered with or lost or accessed or modified without proper authorisation. Access to personal information stored on AusHealth servers is restricted to those employees or contractors who require such access to perform a legitimate business purpose relating to the Services, maintenance, internal security or other related issues. All AusHealth employees and contractors, as a prerequisite for employment, are required to sign a strict and detailed confidentiality agreement in relation to the personal information that they will have access to.

In the event of a data security breach, the affected individual/s and Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) should be notified.

When your personal information is no longer needed, and AusHealth is not required by or under any law or an order of a court or tribunal to retain the information, AusHealth will take such steps that are reasonable in the circumstances to destroy or de-identify the information.

Data Storage

AusHealth stores data securely on servers based in Australia and Overseas. Where AusHealth or AusHealth’s agents store data, AusHealth will take steps to ensure that the Australian Privacy Principles will apply to the agents AusHealth engages. During electronic communications, AusHealth or our agents may electronically deliver information requested by you to nominated email accounts or websites where their data may not be stored in Australia. If this is of concern to you, please check your nominated delivery address.

Please be aware that when you access electronic communications from Australia, the data may be stored on an overseas server. Where your nominated electronic delivery address stores data overseas, AusHealth expects that you will be aware of this and have knowingly consented to the communication being delivered overseas.

Where AusHealth communicates personal information to our agents or our service providers through a server that is overseas, AusHealth will only do so where we have your consent, where we are expressly allowed through other means or where we hold a reasonable belief that the recipient is subject to a law, binding scheme or contract which effectively upholds the principles for the fair handling of the information that are substantially similar to our obligations under the Australian Privacy Principles.

Correction of Personal Information

AusHealth takes reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information it holds is accurate, complete and up to date. Clients and other individuals should also promptly notify AusHealth if any personal information that AusHealth hold about them is incorrect or out of date. We will take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information which we hold remains accurate and, if you advise us of a change of details, we will amend our records accordingly.

Access to Personal Information

Individuals may request access to the personal information that AusHealth holds about them via AusHealth’s Privacy Officer at the contact details set out below. AusHealth will respond to the request for access within a reasonable period after the request is made and give access to the information in the manner requested by the individual, if it is reasonable and practical to do so, or in a way that meets the needs of AusHealth and the individual. AusHealth may charge its reasonable costs in responding to a request for access to personal information. If AusHealth refuse to give access to any personal information AusHealth will provide the individual with a written statement that sets out the reasons for the refusal and how the individual may complain about the refusal.

Individual recipients seeking access to their personal information that AusHealth has received from its Clients should contact the Client directly. AusHealth is happy to provide access to such personal information, to any interested recipient upon request, providing appropriate identification is made available and the Client consents to the release of the information.


Individuals seeking to remove themselves from future messages sent from AusHealth, including any direct marketing, should follow the instructions found within the sent message. After the opt-out request is processed, a final message is sent to the recipient confirming the address removal. AusHealth requirements state that all client messages sent to recipients must contain contact information at the beginning or end of the message.

Online Links to Third Party and Co-Branded Sites

AusHealth may establish relationships with business partners that allow visitors to our internet sites to link directly to sites operated by these partners. Some of these sites may be ‘co-branded’ with our logo; however, these sites may not be operated or maintained by or on our behalf. These sites may collect personal information from you that may be shared with us. This Privacy Policy will apply to any personal information AusHealth obtains in this manner.

AusHealth is not responsible for the content or practices of websites operated by third parties that are linked to our sites. These links are meant for the user’s convenience only. Links to third party sites do not constitute sponsorship, endorsement or approval by AusHealth of the content, policies or practices of those third-party sites. Once you have left our site via such a link, you should check the applicable Privacy Policy of the third-party site.

Review of Compliance

AusHealth will review its compliance with the Privacy Act on a regular basis and may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Our current Privacy Policy is available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.

Knowing Your Privacy Rights

You may interact with us anonymously where this is lawful and practicable.

You have the right to request access to the personal information you provide, and to correct or update your personal information. This right is subject to certain exceptions allowed by law.

You may instruct us to remove any previous consent you provided to receive marketing communications from us as set out above.

You can obtain further general information about your privacy rights and privacy law from the OAIC by:

Contact Details

If you have any enquiries, concerns or complaints relating to this Privacy Policy or practices, or you wish to request access to and correct any of the personal information AusHealth holds about you, please contact AusHealth’s Privacy Officer as follows:

AusHealth Hospital Research Fund (“AusHealth”)

65 Hardys Road

Underdale, South Australia


Postcode: 5032

Phone: +61 8 8132 7400


If you wish to make a formal privacy complaint, you should contact AusHealth by emailing and placing ‘PRIVACY COMPLAINT’ in the subject header. AusHealth will deal with all complaints fairly and in confidence. After an initial complaint, if you are unsatisfied with our resolution you may escalate your complaint to the OAIC after 30 days have passed from when you informed AusHealth of your complaint.

Safety Policy


AusHealth is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health. Our employees are our most valuable asset and promoting and protecting their physical and mental health is our priority.

We have established and implemented an Integrated Management System, as a framework for managing safety risks and opportunities, compliant with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 ‘Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use’.

To support this end, AusHealth has adopted a Safety Policy.

AusHealth is committed to:

  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards;
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing work health and safety risks using the hierarchy of controls;
  • Encouraging consultation and participation of employees in relation to work health and safety issues;
  • Establishing safety objectives which are measurable or capable of performance evaluation;
  • Providing and maintaining safe systems of work;
  • Providing relevant health and safety information, instruction, monitoring, training and supervision to employees, contractors and the public as is necessary to ensure their safety; and
  • Providing support and resources to managers and employees to help them fulfill their legal work health and safety duties, and holding them accountable for fulfilling them, without fear of reprisal.

Management is responsible for:

  • Implementing the Safety Policy in their area of responsibility;
  • Helping to develop, promote and implement health and safety procedures;
  • Educating employees in understanding safety procedures and associated legislative requirements; and
  • Immediately correcting any unsafe work behaviour of employees, contractors or visitors.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Taking care of the health and safety of people who might be affected by their acts or omissions;
  • Complying with all health and safety procedures, rules and safe systems of work; and
  • Removing themselves from unsafe situations and controlling and reporting safety hazards they identify.

Contractors are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their workers use relevant safety equipment and comply with legislative/industry standards; and
  • Providing their workers with safety information, training and supervision to ensure health and safety.


AusHealth will continually improve overall safety performance by means of the Integrated Management System, consistent with objectives of its Safety Policy.


Management fully endorses AusHealth’s Safety Policy and the formal Integrated Management System that has been implemented nationally, through all divisions. It is the responsibility of AusHealth employees to ensure it is continually understood, applied and maintained throughout the company.

Copies of our Safety Policy are available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.

Quality Policy


AusHealth is committed to providing high-quality products and services and as such we have established and implemented an Integrated Management System, compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 ‘Quality management systems – Requirements’.

AusHealth is committed to:

  • Providing quality and compliant products and services;
  • Establishing and implementing quality objectives;
  • Pursuing, monitoring and regularly reviewing quality objectives;
  • Meeting and exceeding customer and interested party expectations; and
  • Ensuring resources needed for the Integrated Management System are available.

Management is responsible for:

  • Implementing this Policy in their area of responsibility.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Understanding and complying with the requirements of documented policies and procedures which are implemented within the Integrated Management System.


AusHealth will continually improve overall quality performance by means of the Integrated Management System, consistent with the objectives of its Quality Policy.


Management fully endorses AusHealth’s Quality Policy and the formal Integrated Management System that has been implemented nationally, through all divisions. It is the responsibility of AusHealth employees to ensure it is continually understood, applied and maintained throughout the company.

Copies of our Quality Policy are available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.

Environmental Policy


AusHealth is committed to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and sustainable resource use. We have established and implemented an Integrated Management System, as a framework for managing our environmental and operational performance, compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 ‘Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use’.

AusHealth is committed to:

  • Fulfilling compliance obligations in accordance with environmental legislation;
  • Establishing and working towards the achievement of endorsed environmental objectives;
  • Informing persons working under our control and interested parties as applicable of our environmental objectives and responsibilities and this Policy;
  • Determining planned responses to reasonably foreseeable emergency situations which are appropriate to the potential environmental impact; and
  • Resourcing operations to support our compliance obligations.

Management is responsible for:

  • Implementing this Policy in their area of responsibility;
  • Promoting environmental leadership through increasing awareness and engaging employee support to improve workplace practices associated with sustainable resource use; and
  • Ensuring employees are aware of their responsibilities in relation to environmental legislation.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Supporting workplace practices associated with sustainable resource use; and
  • Acting to control, minimise the impact of, and report any occurrence with the potential to harm the environment or breach a condition of environmental legislation.


AusHealth will continually improve overall environmental performance by means of the Integrated Management System, consistent with the objectives of the Environmental Policy.


Management fully endorses AusHealth’s Environmental Policy and the formal Integrated Management System that has been implemented nationally, through all divisions. It is the responsibility of AusHealth employees to ensure it is continually understood, applied and maintained throughout the company.

Copies of our Environmental Policy are available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.

Conditions of Sale

1. Basis of Sale

1.1. All goods and services sold by AusHealth Corporate Pty Ltd trading as AusHealth (“AusHealth”) are sold only based on these conditions of sale. If any other terms are proposed by the Buyer, these conditions prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.

1.2. Nothing in these Conditions shall be read or applied to exclude, restrict or modify or have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying any condition, warranty, guarantee, right of remedy implied by law (including the Australian Consumer Law) except to the extent permitted by law.

1.3. No promise, representation or undertaking in relation to these Conditions shall bind AusHealth, unless AusHealth expressly agrees otherwise in writing.

2. Prices

2.1. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in Australian dollars and are subject to change.

2.2. Prices for Goods exclude delivery and unless otherwise indicated, a handling and delivery charge may be added to each order.

2.3. Unless otherwise stated all prices exclude the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) under the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 and its associated regulations (“GST Law”).

3. Ordering Procedures

3.1. Orders should be placed directly with AusHealth. To ensure rapid processing of orders the Buyer should furnish:

3.1.1. Purchase order number or credit card number;

3.1.2. Name and address of Buyer for invoice.

3.2. Training and Consultancy Services bookings and orders should be accompanied with:

3.2.1. Completed training registration form for each participant;

3.2.2. Where applicable written instructions for requested consultancy services.

3.3. Goods purchase orders should clearly display:

3.3.1. Name and address of Buyer for shipping and invoicing;

3.3.2. Product catalogue number and name;

3.3.3. Quantity and pack size(s) of products requested;

3.3.4. Any special packing and shipping instructions.

3.4. Delivery of Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

3.4.1. AusHealth will deliver drug and alcohol testing services according to AusHealth’s template Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), a copy of which is available upon request. AusHealth understands drug and alcohol testing requirements can change with industrial and organisational requirements, and AusHealth’s template SOP can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Unless otherwise modified and agreed to in writing by both AusHealth and the Client, all testing services will be delivered in accordance with the template SOP.

3.5. Delivery of Vaccination Services

3.5.1. Final numbers as confirmed by the Buyer five (5) days prior to the commencement of each vaccination clinic is what will be charged. Any changes to the confirmed number are subject to negotiation and additional charges may apply.

3.5.2. A minimum charge applies per vaccination clinic.

3.5.3. AusHealth does not offer ‘catch up’ clinics for employees allocated a vaccine but not present on the day. Flu vouchers may be purchased post-clinic for those unable to attend and can be redeemed at authorised pharmacies subject to vaccine availability. AusHealth does not have any control of vaccine supply at individual pharmacies.

All vouchers issued by AusHealth Work are non-refundable once the unique code has been issued. Vouchers not redeemed cannot be refunded, this includes any issued irrespective of Government funded programs.

3.6. Delivery of Education and Training Services

3.6.1. For ‘Reasonable Cause Training’ courses delivered on the Buyer’s premises, each additional participant above the maximum number allowed will incur an additional fee per person.

4. Services Surcharges

4.1. It is a condition of providing ordered services that AusHealth reserves a right to charge a fixed or hourly rate for all site inductions and travel associated with the provision of the services ordered. AusHealth will not waive this right unless it is expressly declared in writing by a Director or Senior Manager of AusHealth and will only do so on a case by case basis.

4.2. Where AusHealth is charged a fee by your business or organisation, or associate, affiliate or any third party for auditing, prequalification or some other purpose as a prerequisite or ongoing requirement of being a supplier of goods or services to your business or organisation, AusHealth reserves a right to charge your business or organisation the full cost of any such fee as a surcharge. AusHealth will not waive this right unless it is expressly declared in writing by a Director or Senior Manager of AusHealth and will only do so on a case by case basis.

4.3. The rate of calculating surcharges, whether calculated on an hourly basis or by fixed rate, will not exceed the rate for calculating the hourly charge rate or fixed fee of the services requested. Where the services requested have not been quoted in an hourly rate, the surcharge billed will not exceed a rate determined by the actual hours required to complete the quoted services minus the associated induction and/or travel time unless excessive travel and/or associated expenses are accrued in the delivery of services.

4.4. Site inductions which may attract a surcharge from AusHealth include (but are not limited to):

4.4.1. Inductions not conducted immediately prior to the delivery of on-site services;

4.4.2. Inductions not conducted at the site of delivery of services requested;

4.4.3. Inductions requiring completion online or by written documentation prior to arrival at a site to provide services.

4.4.4. Travel surcharges may be charged where a representative of AusHealth is required to travel more than 50km one way to attend your site for the delivery of services.

4.5. Waiting time charges may apply for vaccination services where a minimum quota per hour is not met.

5. Terms of Payment

5.1. Standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice date. Ongoing late payment will, on issue of notification from AusHealth, lead to withdrawal and renegotiation of our standard payment terms and conditions.

5.2. Standard payment terms for Education and Training Services are payment in full prior to the scheduled training delivery date for all participants or company training courses. Unless otherwise negotiated and confirmed in writing by AusHealth.

5.3. AusHealth may charge interest on late payments, or any amounts outstanding. Interest may be charged daily from the day the invoice falls due, at the General Interest Charge rate as determined by the ATO each quarter, until the invoice is paid in full. The rate applicable will be the rate prevailing the day the invoice falls due.

5.4. In the event AusHealth makes demand for payment or brings proceedings or some other action seeking payment of any amounts outstanding, you will be responsible for AusHealth’s reasonably incurred legal fees, Court costs, and disbursements, on a solicitor and client basis.

6. Payment Method

6.1. EFT –
BSB 065000
Account number 12669730
Remittance advice to:

6.2. Payment by Telephone – (08) 8132 7400 using MasterCard or Visa.

6.3. Online – shop at using Mastercard or Visa.

7. Trade Marks and Packaging

7.1 Unless otherwise declared in writing at time of sale, goods sold by AusHealth must be resold in original packages.

7.2 Where goods are sold under registered trademark, the buyer should note that these are owned by various companies and these companies will strictly enforce any rights (including the right to damages) in respect to any infringement of their trademarks arising in any manner whatsoever. The buyer must not itself use any logo, business name or intellectual property of any other company without express permission from the owner of the registered trademark.

8. Instructions for Use

8.1 All goods are sold on the condition that the Buyer strictly follows the operating instructions including manuals, package inserts, material safety data sheets etc. supplied by the original manufacturer contained within the packaging or provided.

9. Delivery and Passing of Risk

9.1. Risk in the goods shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery of the goods/services. Unless otherwise advised by the Buyer, AusHealth will select the method of shipment of the goods. Where the Buyer selects their own method of shipment, risk shall pass to the Buyer when the goods leave AusHealth’s premises.

9.2. Property and ownership of the goods will not pass to the Buyer but will remain with AusHealth notwithstanding any credit granted to the Buyer until payment in full of the purchase price of the goods and all other amounts owing to AusHealth by the Buyer.

9.3. Until property passes to the Buyer:

9.3.1. The Buyer shall hold the goods as fiduciary bailee and agent for AusHealth;

9.3.2. Unless otherwise notified in writing the Buyer is authorised to sell the goods in the ordinary course of business, only within Australia;

9.3.3. After giving forty-eight (48) hours’ notice to the Buyer, AusHealth shall be entitled to enter upon the premises between 9:00am and 5:00pm to inspect goods;

9.3.4. The goods shall be stored separately in a manner to enable them to be identified and cross referenced to specific invoices.

10. Default by Customer

10.1 If the Customer defaults any payment, commits any act of bankruptcy, insolvency, appoints an administrator or enters receivership whether voluntary or involuntary, AusHealth may at its discretion, suspend deliveries or cancel any Contract so far as it remains unperformed without prejudice to its rights hereunder. Continuing to provide services after a default event in these circumstances will not be taken to be a waiver of this right.

10.2 The occurrence of any such default shall in no way prejudice the rights of AusHealth to recover any amounts due for Goods and Services previously supplied to the Buyer.

11. Cancellation

11.1. Goods

11.1.1. No order may be cancelled by the Buyer except with AusHealth’s written consent and on the condition that the Buyer will indemnify AusHealth against all losses from such cancellations.

11.2. Drug and Alcohol Testing Services:

11.2.1. All cancellations must be notified in writing to Bookings may be cancelled up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to the booked delivery of the services.

11.2.2. Bookings cancelled less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the booked delivery of the services will incur a cancellation fee and any associated costs.

11.3. Vaccination Services:

11.3.1. All cancellations must be notified in writing to Bookings cancelled by the Buyer less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the booked and confirmed delivery of the clinic will incur a cancellation fee and any associated costs, including vaccines ordered for each cancelled clinic.

11.4. Education, Training and Consultancy Services

11.4.1. All cancellations must be notified in writing to Registrations may be cancelled up to five (5) working days prior to delivery of the services and receive full course refund excluding any travel charges incurred by the Buyer.

11.4.2. Registrations cancelled less than five (5) working days prior to the program will be non- refundable.

11.4.3. Non-attendance will result in the full program fee being charged.

11.4.4. Notification is required to substitute another registrant, no later than two (2) working days prior to the program should the nominated person be unable to attend.

11.4.5. Certificates, results and learning material will only be issued on receipt of full payment. Participants are required to submit all documents within six months of attending the course. After this date, participants will be required to register to re-sit the course.

11.4.6. For training courses performed on the Buyer’s premises, all consultancy services will be conducted between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday; additional charges may apply outside of these hours.

11.4.7. For education and training courses provided on the Buyer’s premises where delivery dates and/or times change within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery, a change fee and additional travel charges may apply.

11.4.8. AusHealth reserves the right to cancel or postpone a program and/or course location to an alternative day and/or location. All registered participants affected by such a cancellation will receive a refund or be offered the opportunity to transfer to the next available program.

11.4.9. AusHealth reserves the right to amend its cancellation policy at any time and will amend its registration forms and processes accordingly.

12. Exclusions

12.1 AusHealth will not be liable for any loss or damage in transit when the buyer selects their own method of shipment.

12.2 AusHealth will not be liable for any failure to perform any contract due directly or indirectly to strikes, fire, explosion, flood, riot, lock-out, unavoidable accident, force majeure, or other cause beyond its reasonable control.

12.3 AusHealth excludes, to the full extent to which it is entitled to do so by law, all implied conditions and warranties, together with any liability for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by the buyer including special, indirect, consequential damage and loss of anticipated profit.

12.4 Where goods are sold for further use and processing prior to the resale by the buyer, any recommendations by AusHealth as to such use or processing is for information only and AusHealth accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any claim by the buyer and/or the end-user in respect of the finished product incorporating the goods sold.

13. Return of Goods

13.1 Return of all goods must be authorised by AusHealth in writing and be within seven (7) days of receipt of goods by the buyer.

13.2 Freight charged for the return of goods shall be paid by the buyer except where the goods are recalled by AusHealth or where the goods are subject to a fault of manufacture or where the goods have been supplied in error by AusHealth .

14. Claims

14.1 All claims must be notified in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of goods.

14.2 No adjustments will be allowed for outdated material unless notice is received from the buyer within seven (7) days of receipt of goods. AusHealth reserves the right to replace outdated material instead of allowing an adjustment.

14.3 If goods are ordered in error by the buyer and are accepted by AusHealth for return, a 10% restocking charge may be deducted from the adjustment given.

14.4 No claims will be considered by AusHealth unless the claim specifies the date and the Tax Invoice number and basis of claim.

15. GST

15.1. All defined terms in this clause are sourced from GST Law. Words and expressions which are not defined in these conditions of sale but which have a defined meaning in GST Law have the same meaning as in the GST Law.

15.2. All amounts are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.

15.3. If GST is payable by a Supplier on any supply made under these conditions of sale, the Recipient will pay to the Supplier an amount equal to the GST payable on the Taxable Supply. This amount will be paid by the Recipient in addition to and at the same time that the consideration for the Taxable Supply is to be provided under these conditions of sale.

15.4. The Supplier must deliver a tax invoice or an adjustment note to the Recipient.

15.5. If an adjustment event arises in respect of a Taxable Supply made by a Supplier under these conditions of sale, the amount payable by the Recipient will be recalculated to reflect the adjustment event and a payment will be made by the Recipient to the Supplier or by the Supplier to the Recipient as the case requires.

15.6. Where a Party is required under these conditions of sale to pay or reimburse an expense or outgoing of another Party, the amount to be paid or reimbursed by the first Party will be the sum of:

15.6.1. The amount of the expense or outgoing less any input tax credits in respect of the expense or outgoing to which the other Party is entitled; and

15.6.2. If the payment or reimbursement is subject to GST, an amount equal to that GST.

Diversity Policy


AusHealth recognises a talented and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage. Our business success reflects the quality and skill of our people. AusHealth is committed to seeking out and retaining top talent to ensure positive business growth and performance.

AusHealth management recognises that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences, and characteristics to their work. We value such diversity at all levels of the company, in all that we do.

To support this end, AusHealth has adopted a Diversity Policy.

Policy Statement

AusHealth believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals realise their maximum potential within AusHealth, regardless of their differences. We are committed to employing the best people possible to do the best job. We recognise the importance of reflecting the diversity of our customers and markets in our workforce.

AusHealth is diverse along many dimensions, including:

  • Ethnicity;
  • Gender identity;
  • Language;
  • Age;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Religion;
  • Socio-economic status;
  • Physical or mental ability;
  • Thinking styles;
  • Experiences; and
  • Education.

We believe that the wide array of perspectives, resulting from such diversity, promotes innovation and business success. Encouraging diversity makes us more creative, flexible, productive, and competitive.

Copies of our Diversity Policy are available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.

Gender Equity Statement


AusHealth strives to provide a vibrant and inclusive community, including a safe and supportive working and environment for people of all genders. To realise these objectives, AusHealth has implemented a range of measures to prevent gender-based discrimination and adopts flexible and inclusive provisions for staff.

AusHealth has adopted a Diversity Statement.


AusHealth is committed to improving and promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace through strengthening recruitment and retention practices to foster a high-quality workforce, and promoting gender inclusive and participatory decision-making.

It is envisaged achieving gender equality will enable AusHealth to attract, motivate and retain a diverse and high performance workforce, and build social inclusion.

AusHealth’s committment to diversity is supported by a number of related policies including:

  • Flexible Working Arrangements Policy;
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy;
  • Prevention of Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying Policy.

Copies of our Policies are available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.

Modern Slavery Policy


AusHealth’s Modern Slavery Policy is an expression of its commitment to human rights and the creation of a just and equal society.

To support this end, AusHealth has adopted a Modern Slavery Policy.

This Policy also forms part of AusHealth’s response to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (Modern Slavery Act). Modern slavery describes situations where offenders use coercion, threats or deception to exploit victims and undermine or deprive them of their freedom. In our Policy, we use the term ‘modern slavery’ to encompass all of the practices to which the Modern Slavery Act refers.

Modern slavery may involve the exploitation of debt and the use of violence and/or threats of violence (psychological or physical), isolation, deprivation of liberty and the withholding of critical identification documents such as passports.

AusHealth expects all of its staff to work together to assist AusHealth to give effect to the principles set out in its Policy.

Policy Statement

AusHealth is committed to ensuring:

Its operations and supply chains do not cause, involve or contribute to modern slavery; and

Its suppliers, relevant stakeholders and others with whom we do business respect and share AusHealth’s commitment with regard to minimising the risk of modern slavery.

In giving effect to its Policy, AusHealth is committed to combating modern slavery through:

  • Ensuring that its overall policies and procedures effectively address the risk of modern slavery;
  • Undertaking risk assessments and due diligence to identify suppliers and others with whom we do business who are committed to minimising the risk of modern slavery;
  • Working with suppliers and relevant stakeholders to agree on measures which will mitigate modern slavery risks;
  • Implementing measures designed to remediate identified modern slavery.

Copies of our Modern Slavery Policy are available on request by contacting us on or on 1800 724 457.

Business Continuity Policy


The objective of business continuity is to ensure the continuation of business activities during and following any critical incident that results in disruption to normal operational capability. To realise this objective, AusHealth has implemented a Business Continuity Management policy and procedures identifying:

  • Activities required to prevent and prepared for critical incidents; and
  • Practical contingency plans that will enable management to focus on resuming and maintaining business activities whilst working in a planned manner toward eventual restoration of business as usual.

Business Continuity Management is critical to responsible management practice and an important element of a business’ integrated approach to risk management.

Business Continuity Principles

AusHealth’s Business Continuity Management approach shall achieve its objectives through the following overarching principles:

  • Applying a consistent approach;
  • Aligning Business Continuity activities with risk management activities;
  • Building resilience and organisational capacity through the application of robust Business Continuity practices;
  • Undertaking business analysis to understand critical risks;
  • Undertaking preventative and preparedness activities;
  • Regularly reviewing Business Continuity practices.

Copies of our Business Continuity policy and procedures are available on request by contacting us via email or on 1800 724 457.

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