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AusHealth has invested more than $45 million of its own profit into Australian medical research since inception.

Stages of Research


Stage 1


After approaching us with a concept, we analyse its merit and place in the market and conduct due diligence. If successful, we develop a commercial development strategy for commercial translation, which shortens time-to-market, maximising potential benefit revenues, and protecting the intellectual property.


Stage 2

Preclinical proof of concept

We provide funding to undertake pre-clinical and/or in-vivo testing, prototyping and optimisation of the project, assessing the safety risks and pushing towards marketability.


Stage 3

Clinical proof of concept

We collaborate with top clinicians, medical researchers and hospital staff to plan, execute and position the technology for testing in human clinical trials and/or commercial-scale manufacturing of the project.


Stage 4

Available in the market

We package and present the developed technology to the healthcare market, all the while rewarding inventors and reinvesting our commission back into new and ongoing AusHealth medical research.

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