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Quantisal™ Oral Fluid Collection Device (Box of 25)

Fast & Accurate Oral Sample Collection

Specific design & buffer material for the most convenient, accurate collection & transport of oral fluid samples

Included in the AusHealth Oral Drug Collection Kit AusHealth Oral Drug Collection Kit.

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Simple & Convenient Saliva Sample Collection for Accurate Lab Analysis

The Quantisal™ Oral Fluid Collection Device is the most convenient and preferred collection device where a sample is required to be sent for laboratory confirmatory analysis. Including a specialized stabilizing buffer to ensure a high level of recovery of drug samples after transport to the laboratory.


The Quantisal device ensures sample collection that is;

  • Simple with it’s unique volume adequacy indicator ensuring a satisfactory specimen is collected
  • Convenient with average collections in 3-4 minutes
  • Accruate with the buffer material ensuring a high level of drug sample recovery at the lab



Your purchase will help AusHealth to fund life changing Australian medical research and development.

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