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Rapid Antigen Testing Service

Protection against the spread of COVID-19 in office environments.

Why should I test my workplace?

As Australians return to office environments, protection against the spread of COVID-19 has now fallen into the hands of individuals.

If you or your organisation are unsure of the COVID-19 self-testing process, or just want to get the most accurate results as fast as possible, AusHealth’s Rapid Antigen Testing Service is here to help.

Our on-site screening services provides:

  • An assessment of your employee self-testing process
  • Ways to improve and maintain a COVID-19 free workplace
  • An immediate indication of possible infection
  • Reduced wait times associated with COVID-19 testing.

How does Rapid Antigen testing work?

  • An AusHealth’s tester/nurse will travel to your workplace
  • A TGA-approved nasal swab sample will be collected from participants (saliva test available on request)
  • The sample will be processed through the device (usually taking 15 minutes)
  • If the result is negative, your staff can return to work
  • If positive, your COVID-safe plan will be activated, notification will be given to management and the participant will be recommended for a PCR test.

In the middle of flu season, it is recommended to test your workforce once every 72 hours to ensure that infection is caught as early as possible.

AusHealth can work with you on a schedule that best suits your workplace’s needs.

What are my testing options?

AusHealth use the INNOSCREEN™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit which is listed on Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (listed on the TGA register). It has a test specificity of 99.25% and an overall sensitivity rate of 83.33%.

These tests are also available to purchase via AusHealth, should you wish to conduct testing within your own workplace using your own healthcare professional.

The AusHealth Rapid Antigen Testing Service is conducted by an in-house trained laboratory pathology tester or nurse to ensure the highest quality service.

We have over 100 testers across Australia to ensure coverage for all locations.

How long does testing take?

Duration: Every RAT takes around 3 minutes to complete and 15 minutes to confirm the result. The good thing is, because the information is not confidential, the next test can get started while waiting for the 15 minutes of the previous test to elapse. Therefore, it would only take around 60 minutes to complete 10 tests. However, i’s difficult to be precise as it depends on number of tests.

Delivery: In-person, on-site.

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