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RUOK Sep 14, 2023

🟡 R U OK? Day – September 14, 2023
As we mark another ‘R U OK? Day’, it’s a crucial reminder that sometimes a simple conversation can make a world of difference. We all face challenges, moments of self-doubt, and personal struggles, but by reaching out and asking, “R U OK?”, we can bridge the distance between isolation and connection.
At AusHealth, we wholeheartedly support the mission of R U OK? As an organisation that believes in the power of medical research and the importance of paving the way for a healthier tomorrow, we know that health isn’t just physical – it’s mental too. It’s a holistic approach that takes into consideration every aspect of human well-being.
This year, we’re proud to announce that alongside our existing Mental Health Awareness and Fatigue courses, we hope to introduce a Mental Health First Aid course in 2024. These initiatives aim to empower our client partners and their employees to recognise the signs of mental distress and provide immediate support and assistance.
In the realm of suicide prevention, R U OK? has shown us the unmatched value of personal relationships and the role they play in providing an informal support network. By fostering these relationships and being proactive in our conversations, we can be a beacon of hope and support long before a crisis unfolds.
So today, and every day, make it a point to ask someone – a friend, family member, colleague, – “R U OK?”. Let’s make every day a day for connection, understanding, and compassion.
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