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RapidScreen Saliva 7 and Medvet Oral 7: The Forefront of On-Site Drug Testing.

With the continued rise of substance abuse incidents in workplaces, institutions, and social settings, there’s an escalating need for reliable, easy-to-use, and instant drug testing solutions. Based on client and user feedback, AusHealth has re-designed its long standing and trusted oral fluid testing brands to deliver increased precision, convenience, and lower cost. – The RapidScreen Saliva 7® and Medvet Oral 7®.

A Leap in Drug Testing Standards
Gone are the days when urine samples were the primary source for drug testing. The RapidScreen Saliva 7® and Medvet Oral 7® are a beacon of advancement, setting the benchmark by providing oral fluid drug testing, a method that’s not only reliable but also much more convenient. This on-site testing device meets the AS/NZS 4760:2019 Oral Fluid Standard, a testament to its precision and reliability.

This groundbreaking device can detect seven of the most commonly abused drugs and their by-products. That’s right, seven. This broad spectrum of detection combined with the device’s ease of use makes it the top oral testing device in Australia.

Understanding the Science
The RapidScreen Saliva 7® and Medvet Oral 7® devices are not just another tool: they’re a marvel of modern science. It employs a competitive lateral flow immunoassay for detecting drugs and their by-products in oral fluid. The methodology is fascinating:

• Gold Nanoparticles: At the core of the technology are drug antibodies attached to gold nanoparticles.
• The Detection Process: When an oral fluid is introduced to the device, these gold nanoparticle-antibody combinations flow and anchor to a specific drug conjugate line present on the test strip’s nitrocellulose membrane. This interaction results in the appearance of a red line for every specific drug being examined.
• Interpreting Results: If the oral fluid contains any drugs, the drug molecules will compete and bind with the antibodies on the gold nanoparticles. In such instances, the gold nanoparticle-antibody pair will not attach to the drug conjugate on the membrane, meaning no coloured line will form. This indicates a non-negative result.

Customisation for Businesses
For businesses looking to incorporate this device into their safety and health protocols, there’s even better news. The RapidScreen Saliva 7® and Medvet Oral 7® are not just about efficacy but also flexibility. It’s available as a generically branded option for B2B sales, but for those aiming for a personalised touch, customisable branded label options are also available.

Quick and User-Friendly
One of the most significant advantages of RapidScreen Saliva 7® and Medvet Oral 7® are they’re swift operation. The entire testing process, from collecting the oral fluid to deciphering the results, takes a mere 5-10 minutes. Its user-friendly design ensures that anyone, from a medical professional to a workplace supervisor, can use it with ease.

The RapidScreen Saliva 7® and Medvet Oral 7® are game changers, not just in terms of their improved technological advancements but also in its practical application across various sectors. As the need for reliable and quick drug testing grows, products like these not only meet the demand but also set new industry standards.

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