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AusHealth Research Congratulates Professor Glenn King:A Remarkable Journey from Spider Venom to Groundbreaking Therapeutics.

AusHealth, a leading healthcare innovation company, is delighted to extend its warmest congratulations to Professor Glenn King for his exceptional contributions to the field of biomedicine and winning the 2023 Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation.

Professor King, renowned for his groundbreaking research in spider venom-based therapeutics, has achieved remarkable milestones in the pursuit of novel treatments for a number of challenging medical conditions including an AusHealth-funded research project into the potential use of a spider venom-derived therapy for chronic abdominal pain.

Mr. Greg Johansen, CEO and Managing Director of AusHealth, praised Professor King’s pioneering work, stating, “While there can be many types of gut and abdominal pain, one of the most common is chronic abdominal pain, which occurs, for example, as a result of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Finding effective treatments to target gut pain without affecting gut function has been particularly challenging. AusHealth has supported Professor Glenn King’s studies since 2019 into whether novel peptides originating from spider venom can specifically block gut pain receptors and treat chronic abdominal pain without the side effects of other medications. I congratulate Glenn, and we eagerly await the outcomes of the clinical proof of concept trials into gut pain and IBS, a very painful and sometimes debilitating disease which we hope to treat with Professor King’s therapeutics.”

As AusHealth continues to support and work with Professor Glenn King and his collaborators on his journey of innovation, we celebrate his extraordinary accomplishments and look forward to the positive impact his spider venom therapeutics will have on patients suffering from chronic abdominal pain and other related conditions.

About Professor Glenn King:

Professor King’s path to scientific acclaim has been characterised by innovative thinking and dedication to environmentally sustainable solutions. In the mid-1990s, as the world sought ways to protect crops from insect pests without harming beneficial insects like bees, Professor King embarked on a visionary quest. He turned to nature’s most efficient insect killers: spiders.

Exploring the chemical composition of spider venom through cutting-edge technologies, Professor King unveiled a treasure trove of molecules with diverse potential applications. His groundbreaking research resulted in the development of eco-friendly insecticides, which are now being deployed on fields worldwide, safeguarding bee populations one field at a time.

Professor King’s pioneering efforts and out-of-the-box thinking have earned him the prestigious Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation—a $250,000 recognition of his exceptional work. This award underscores his commitment to advancing science and finding novel solutions to pressing global challenges.

About AusHealth:

At AusHealth, we are committed to pioneering breakthroughs in medical research and treatment, with a relentless focus on improving the lives of patients. We collaborate closely with visionary scientists and researchers to develop cutting-edge therapies and solutions for a wide range of medical conditions, furthering our mission to advance healthcare and wellbeing for all.

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