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Vial Hugger – Twin Holder

Safely handle vials and reduce the chance of needlestick injury with a Twin Holder Vial Hugger.


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Safe, practical handling for vials



Dr Weng-Onn Chan, MBBS
Ophthalmology Consultant, Royal Adelaide Hospital
What is the Vial Hugger?

The Vial Hugger is a medical accessory invented by local ophthalmologists at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The device conveniently docks with 1.5 mL vials (Eylea, Lucentis), locking them into place securely with a simple push.
Following numerous prototype iterations with varying size and weight, the current design was finalized by Adelaide-based ScanOptics with strong consideration for aesthetics, safety and practicality. The weighted device allows a single operator to draw up a liquid drug from the vial while maintaining sterility.
Greatly reducing the risk of needlestick injury, the Vial HuggerTM has been extensively tested in clinical practice and is hand-machined from a solid piece of anodised aluminium, with an adjustable resistance pin in the well providing a secure locking mechanism.