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Hearing Armor Ear Plugs

The first ear plug that could save your life… not just your hearing.


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The first ear plug that could save your life… not just your hearing.

Hearing Armor is a patented technology designed to stop dangerous sounds from reaching the inner ear, helping prevent hearing loss caused by loud and impact sounds while maintaining situational awareness, without the need of removing the ear plugs to listen to regular conversations.

Unique design with unique technology

The result of 7 years of research by the Harvard-based biomedical research group led by Dr. Rick Rogers. The research was commissioned by the U.S. Office of Naval Research to help them find solutions to reduce their most critical and costly biomedical problem of hearing loss as a result of exposure to dangerous high impact noise during field service and training.


The patented technology was specifically designed to intercept dangerous impact sounds that contribute to hearing loss from gunfire, explosions, construction, hammering, or any sound that produces an instantaneous sound pressure increase, while at the same time allowing safe level noises to pass through unhindered.


Your purchase will help AusHealth to fund life changing Australian medical research and development.

Unique design with unique technology


Perfect for use in any work, study or social environment, including;

  • Office – Reduce ambient noise to improve concentration
  • Construction – Stay aware of what’s going on around you while blocking dangerous noise levels
  • Industrial – Comfortable enough to wear all shift preventing long term exposure
  • Military – Designed with training and combat situational awareness in mind
  • Music – Stay connected with friends, while enjoying concerts & festivals

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Hearing Armor Ear Plugs Foam Ear Plugs
Comfortable, Washable and Reusable Intended for Single Use only
Stay aware of your surrounding & able to have conversations while wearing Need to be removed to hear instructions & conversations, exposing the ear to loud, dangerous noises at the same time
Medical-grade silicone make all day use safe and comfortable Need to moulded to fit individual, often by rolling between fingers, increasing risk of ear infections
Universal fit to fit more people with no alterations or adjustments