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Mercantile Agent Services

Last resort debt recovery
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There are times when positive debt recovery procedures fail

and stronger action is required to recover outstanding monies. To this end, we are able to offer an extensive range of Mercantile Agent Services integrated with each of our patient liaison, billing and revenue management, debt collection & resolution solutions.

These broadly incorporate:

• Data washing and skip tracing.
• Letter of demand / final demand.
• Investigation and examination summons.
• Minor civil action (Claim).
• Company / business / individual / title searches.
• Legal advice.
• Service of documents & attendance at Court.
• Garnishee orders.
• Mortgagee letters.
• Examination and instalment orders.
• Payment arrangements, waivers and exemptions.
• Deferments, extensions and negotiated settlements.
• Disputed debt management. Negotiating account resolution.
• Bad debt / write-off recommendations.
• DHA reporting. Immigration and Citizenship offences or fraud (including Medicare Card).
• Other mercantile agent services where appropriate.

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