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Patient liaison, billing and revenue management
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Our comprehensive Accelerator Package allows us to partner with you throughout the revenue cycle

From a patient’s initial health care presentation at a health care facility until final payment. Accelerator uses advanced analytics to understand and assess the risk factors that might result in an account becoming overdue, as well as enhancing the protective factors that promote payment and minimise bad debt.

Accelerator achieves exceptional debt collection results with:

This allows early-stage education of patients about their anticipated liability for medical and other services and guides them through to timely settlement of accounts – sensitively balancing patient and debtor dialogue, revenue recovery and relationships. Who benefits?

Overseas and Medicare ineligible patients


Ex-pats and fly-in and fly-out patients


Medicare eligible patients


Out of pocket costs


Compensable patients

• Motor vehicle accident patients.
• Workers compensation cases (employer and insurer).
• Third party insured (public liability claim in place, or interstate motor vehicle


• On-site health care facility attendance.
• Informed financial consent completion (manual and digitised).
• Authorised representative negotiations.
• Payment plans and third-party payment assurances. Guarantor arrangements.
• Gofundme arrangement liaison.
• Health fund and third-party debt funder administration.
• Eligibility, exemptions and status assessments. Reciprocal arrangement administration.
• Financial and compassionate hardship assessments.
• Billing and revenue management.
• Advanced mercantile agent services.
• Debt collection.
• Overseas patient repatriation back to home country (simple repatriation to intensive care).

Why choose Accelerator?

Cost Effective

Debt prevention is less costly, and has better effect on your patients.

Positive Cash Flow

Efficient and timely collections assist cashflow.

Leading Recovery Rates

Adverse outcomes minimised for overseas and Medicare ineligible patients who have left your service.

Positive Outcomes

Greater focus on the entire customer financial experience.


Enhanced relationships minimises potentially costly reputational and compliance risk.

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